How to change Admob Ad Units of Any Android Application to earn Money

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How to change Admob Ad Units of Any Android Application to earn Money

Hello friends, How are you today?…Ooo wow..thats great to hear.

Friend Today I am going to tell You “How will you change AdMob ad units on an apk file (Android Application)”.This can be done on PC and Mobile Both.But, Today’s article based on Windows PC.

You might know, By editing an Android Application especially by changing Admob Ad units, you can earn money.I will tell you this process in some other tutorial.

Admob ad unit Modification of an Android App

Friends, You can refer this article to Know ” How can you change App name, App version Code/Name, App icon, Package name and more of an apk“. So first read that article, Because I am leaving “Setting up your PC first for Android application modification.”

Steps to follow:

1. Open Your Installed Android Emulator then Open Android Apk editor. Now Choose Either Option 1 or 2 See the picture below. I am choosing Option 2 ” Select Apk from app” (You can choose any app you have already installed)

2. Now Click on Full Edit (Resource Rebuild)

3. You will get the details of the app now, Now made your changes. To edit AdMob ad units You have to find out the Admob Ad unit (This Type – Ad unit ID: ca-app-pub-4843477176092525/9553102452). You can also search “ca-app-pub“, By doing this You will be Provided the list of ad units used in the app.Once You got the ad units.Now replace those ad units with your Own Admob ad units.Lastly, Save and Re-compile the apk file.

You are ready to install and see the changes now.

Note – There is no save option, So you just need to click back button then you will get an option to save the edited Apk App.

See Here: How to create an Admob Ad Unit for Your Android Application.

If You have any Query then You can ask Below.

Note – These things don’t work now. So, if you are planning to message me for any such help. please avoid that. I will not help you.

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Comments (38)

  1. Ishola

    Please Admin, state websites that we can create our genuine apps online, all these developers are scammers.

  2. I want to be double sure, Changing the adcode is not violation of google ads services.

    And i have a Question, How can we disable getting update option. So that we can earn for more time.

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Rajat,

      I will suggest you to create an awesome app that is useful for the users. Don’t go with these temporary options. Good luck.

  3. John

    Please can you send your gmail address for us to communicate

    1. User Avatar

      Hi John, It’s on the contact us page.

  4. Francis

    Please, can you help me create an app for my Admob account?

    1. User Avatar

      Yes, why not. Please contact me on my WhatsApp number +91 6201083671 with requirements.

    2. Puddin

      How can I create an app for Google admob

  5. fxkiller

    is it still working ? cause after i edited apk its now showing ads any more

    1. User Avatar

      Yes, people are doing it. But rather than editing an old app they are making new apps using online websites like thunkable or by some developers.

      If you want to create your earning app. Then contact me on Whatsapp or Gmail.

  6. Johnny

    Your write up is nice. But can you provide a place where I can get to build an app with an Android Studio?

  7. Barry

    It’s like it doesn’t work anymore

    1. User Avatar

      Ya, It may be right. Google has changed a lot of policies for Admob. Like one ad per page.

  8. Eduardo Marin

    Won’t google admob banned my account by doing this?

    1. User Avatar

      No, Google will ban your Admob account only if you violate their policy. Like doing C4C (click for click) or Self-clicking.

  9. Ade Deji

    Please where can I create an app to earn

    1. User Avatar

      Hi Ade,

      There is a lot of online website like “thunkable” where you can create an app easily.

  10. Winnie

    Hello sir, I changed the ad unit ID and complied but it doesn’t show ad anymore.
    Pls, help me.

    1. User Avatar

      Hi, You should follow the AdMob new rule. Only one Ad per page is allowed.

  11. There is no such keyword(ca-ad…) In the whole files… Your trick is useless…

  12. Nawab

    Can I edite PicsArt ?

    1. User Avatar

      No you can. Better Create a app for yourself by a developer.

  13. AnonymousLlll20

    Hi I have tried to change the onward app ad unit but it’s shows error

    1. User Avatar

      You can’t edit all that apps. Only 10 percent apps in the play store are editable. Not all. Like you can edit “Computer Shortcuts” but you can’t edit WhatsApp or Facebook

      1. When i edited the ads unit of computer shortcut and i inserted my own, my ads didnt show on the app. DO you have any solution to that

        1. User Avatar

          Only one ad per page is allowed according to the new policy. You might have inserted more than one.

  14. Faycal


    If you do this and you click by yourself, your account will be banned

    There is no difference between create a new app and add admob and this trick

    1. User Avatar

      Yes you are absolutely right. Still many of guys are doing it

  15. Tunde

    How will I recompile the apk and the adunit I edited didn’t save

    1. User Avatar

      What is the issue you are facing while saving APK after edit?

  16. But Ads Unit Changing Create Some Program Like Google trace Ads

  17. TechnoAsrar

    I can’t able to find the place where i can insert ad unit id of myself created app why and same for all others app with same process given above

    1. User Avatar

      I would like to know how you have made you app. By using Android studio or by some online sites like thunkable

  18. kenny

    I have heard a lot of people talking about admob whereby they also engage in self clicking… does this really work?.

    1. User Avatar

      Please don’t go with self clicking, This will not work for you for a long time. Please focus on good things. AdSense are disabled in abundance due to self clicking.

  19. Noname

    Is doing this is legal?? Koi problem toh nhi hogi?

    1. User Avatar

      No changing apk ads for earning purpose is not legal, Google never supports such things

  20. User Avatar

    no, you can’t change ad units of all android apps

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