Steps to Create a Job Portal Like Sarkari Result in WordPress?

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Steps to Create a Job Portal Like Sarkari Result in WordPress?

Create Sarkari Result Website in WordPress – Do you want to create a job portal website like | | | | in WordPress using Sarkari Result WordPress Theme? Step by step Sarkari result job website building process is defined below.

Well, we have described the complete process here to create a website like Sarkari Result. We have also shared codes, themes, and templates for that.

We have also created a Sarkari Result WordPress Theme Bundle which is available in just INR 599. You can create your Job website within minutes using our bundle.

FreeJobalerts Sarkari result portal

Let’s know what more will you get in this article.

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Sarkari Result Website Designing Tutorial Step by Step

  1. WordPress theme used for Sarkar Result Website
  2. How to create a Sarkari Result website in WordPress?
  3. Creating multiple sections for different categories like Sarkari result in WordPress
  4. Plugins helpful for Sarkari Result website Designing in WordPress
  5. Creating 8 Boxes like Sarkari result in WordPress

How to Create the Sarkari Result Website in WordPress?

Before we start, there are some pre-requirements to create a website in WordPress. Let’s talk about them first here. Along with that, we will see how to Create a Sarkari Result Website in WordPress?

Step 1 – Get a Good Domain Like

This is the primary step in this category. You have to choose a good job portal domain name. As we have chosen and

Similarly, you can choose a good domain name for yourself. If you finding it difficult then WhatsApp us at +91 6201083671. We will do the work for you.

To choose a good domain name visit Godaddy or Resellerclub and search by your choices.

Step 2 – Get a good Server or Hosting from BlueHost

So, finally, you got a domain name. Now it’s time to buy a good server. If you don’t know what is a server or Hosting then in simple terms you can understand that it is a combination of RAM and Memory shared by some third party.

Bluehost offers free domain with yearly hosting plan. So, it will be a good deal for you.

If you need cheap VPS Hosting then you can contact us also at the WhatsApp number given above.

You can also refer to this step by step website creation tutorial

Now, Buy a Hosting Plan from any of the below-given Hosting Providers. As of now, Shared Hosting will be okay. You can upgrade it later.

If you any discount on these hosting plans then get back to us on WhatsApp number +91 6201083671

Hosting ProviderPurchase linkFree SSLFree Domain
BluehostSee the Offers Yes Yes
InterserverCheck Unlimited Offers Yes No
Reseller ClubBuy Reseller Club HostingYesNo
GodaddyBuy Hosting NowNOYes

Step 3 – Install WordPress on Sarkari Result type job portal domain

So, you got hosting and you got a domain. If you have bought both from different websites then you need to change the nameserver of your domain according to the nameserver provided by your hosting provider.

Once the initial setup is done then install WordPress on your domain using the Softaculous app installer.

Refer to these articles if you find these setup difficult –

  1. How to start a website using GoDaddy? Complete Setup
  2. A complete tutorial on starting a website using BlueHost

Step 4 – Install Sarkari Result Website Theme

This is really an important step as in the upcoming steps you will use Elementor Page Builder Plugin. So, make sure that your theme supports Elementor.

We are listing some free themes here which you can use to create a website like Sarkari Result. You can also call it the Sarkari Results WordPress theme.

Buy Our Sarkari Result Theme Bundle

  1. Astra (Wil give a similar look) – We have used this on Joblelo – Sarkari Results and Sarkari Naukri Website
  2. GIST
  3. Tesseract Theme (For same look and feel)
  4. Blog New (Same Look and Feel)

Note – If you are using Elementor then you can use any good WordPress theme. The reason for this is we have to create a custom front page.

Step 5 – Create Sarkari Result front page design using Elementor

Now to create top boxes and the different boxed and bordered sections of job categories. Use the Elementor page builder and create a custom front page. You can see the reference for the custom homepage designed for

If you don’t want to create the frontpage by itself then you can buy our Sarkari Result WordPress template. You will get all the predesigns built there.

Joblelonet Sarkari Result Job Portal
Create a website like Sarkari Results in WordPress
Custom Front Page like Sarkari Result designed using Elementor

If you find it difficult then we will do it for you. Contact us now for help.

Video on how to create a website like Sarkari Result in WordPress?

Step 6 – Show Boxed Posts using List Category Post Plugin Like Sarkari Result website

You are all set to go. One thing that is missing now is how to show actual posts in the actual category.

For Example, you have a Section for Latest Sarkari Naukri then how ill you show only the Latest Sarkari Naukri posts in that section.

For doing this you have to use List category post plugin. This plugin will help you to categorize your posts and all. To start this you need to create a General Category for the latest jobs. You can name it accordingly.

Once created. Go to the Categorie section in your WordPress Dashboard and get the category id from there. To get the category ID, hover the mouse on the category name and look at the link appearing in the left bottom pane.

The link will have the category ID. Note that, we will use this later on.

To get category ID in WordPress to create a website like sarkari result
To get category ID in WordPress to create a website like Sarkari result

Now, Edit your Sarkari result type job portal homepage with Elementor. Add either Shortcode/Custom HTML/Text Box and then paste these codes.

[catlist id=20 date_modified=yes date_class=”lcp_date” orderby=modified numberposts=20]

The above code will include the date modified and also order your post accordingly using the modified date. We have limited the number of posts to 20 you can increase it according to your requirements.

Creating Latest Category Post Section like Sarkari Results
Creating Latest Category Post Section like Sarkari Results

Usage of List Category Post Plugin for Creating Sarkari Result Job Portal?

List Category Posts allows you to list posts by category in a post or page using the [catlist] shortcode. When you’re editing a page or post, directly insert the shortcode in your text and the posts will be listed there. The basic usage would be something like this:

[catlist id=1]
[catlist name="news"]
Enable Pagination

[catlist id=2  numberposts=20]
[catlist id=2 date=yes numberposts=20]
[catlist id=2 date=yes pagination=yes numberposts=20]


Open all post under that block in new tab

[catlist id=2 date=yes pagination=yes numberposts=20 link_target=blank]

Last date Excerpt -

[catlist id=2 numberposts=20 excerpt=yes excerpt_size=5 excerpt_class=lcp_excerpt]

Order By Modified date

[catlist id=38 date_modified=yes date_class="lcp_date" orderby=modified numberposts=50]

Final Code -

[catlist id=2 excerpt=yes excerpt_size=5 excerpt_class=lcp_excerpt orderby=modified link_target=blank numberposts=20]

List 10 latest posts:


The default number of listed posts is 10, to modify it you need to specify numberposts parameter:

[catlist numberposts=15]

List posts from the “Dogs” category:

[catlist name=Dogs]

List posts from the category with id 2:

[catlist id=2]

By default, only the “post” post type is included. To list pages use:

[catlist post_type=page]

and for both posts and pages:

[catlist post_type="post,page"]

If we combine the above options we can get a shortcode that lists 15 items, including post and pages, from the “Dogs” category:

[catlist name=Dogs post_type="post,page" numberposts=15]

Most of the parameters you will find in the documentation can be used together.

The plugin can detect the current post’s category and use it for listing:

[catlist categorypage=yes]

Same goes for tags:

[catlist currenttags=yes]

To show each post’s excerpt use:

[catlist excerpt=yes]

If you want to show the date, author and comments count next to each post, use:

[catlist date=yes author=yes comments=yes]

You can specify HTML tags and classes for many elements. Let’s modify the previous shortcode and wrap dates and authors in tags and classes of our choice:

[catlist date=yes date_tag=span date_class="my-date" author=yes author_tag=p author_class="my-author" comments=yes]

Once you created a section for Latest Job Vacancies. The same can be duplicated and used for Admit Cards, Results, Teaching Job, Banking Jobs and others.

The one thing that you need to change all the time is Category ID and parameters.

How to get the same look and feel like Sarkari Result Website in WordPress?

This is really an interesting question. To get the same look and feel. You must have a good knowledge of WordPress especially the Elementror Plugin. If you have then you can make a better website than Sarkari Result in WordPress as we have done.

You should know how to Increase font size, how to change font and background color? How to add a text box, HTML box or shortcode? How to add a border and then how to change the background color of the border?

Along with all you should know how to add a button? How to change the text of the button and how to change the background of a button?

If you have all these qualities. You can create this website like Sarkari Result in WordPress in 1-2 days max.

How to create 8 boxes like Sarkari Result in WordPress?

To create 8 boxes which you generally see in the Sarkari Result Website. We have used the Elementor Plugin. In the top section of your homepage add two rows with 4 columns using Elementor.

  1. Now in each column add a button.
  2. Increase the size of the button according to your choice
  3. Add the background-color in the button
  4. Add the required text which you love to show your audience
  5. Now add the relevant links for that text

Repeat the above steps for all buttons or duplicate it. Holla… You did it. You got the same look and feel. Amazing dude!

Creating 8 boxes like Sarkari Result in WordPress using Elementor
Creating 8 boxes like Sarkari Result in WordPress using Elementor

How to create automatic marque in Sarkari Result Website?

Well, creating a automatic marque is not tough. We have made a YouTube Tutorial on this. Watch this tutorial and understand how can you add last date and automatic marque. We have also provided sample codes for that.

Conclusion – Create Sarkari Result Website in WordPress

Creating a WordPress website like Sarkar Result Job Portal is not so easy. That’s why we have described all the permutation and combinations which can be used to create a good job portal website like Sarkari Result in WordPress.

You can buy our Sarkari Result Website WordPress Bundle if you want to create a job portal website like Sarkari Results. We have included all the main themes, plugins and templates which are required to create the Sarkari Result Website.

Here is the main thing –

If you want us to create a Job Postal Website like Sarkari Result or any other type of website. Call us or WhatsApp us at +91 6201083671 now.

If you need Digital Marketing Training to create a website like Sarkari result on your own then get in touch with us or buy this package.

Sarkari Result Job Portal FAQ

Can I create a Sarkari Result Website in WordPress?

Yes, one can create the Sarkari result job portal website in WordPress. You just need to buy the ‘Sarkari Result WordPress Bundle” provided by “OK Ravi”.

How much it cost to create a Sarkari Result Website?

To create a job portal like the Sarkari Result you have to spend approx INR 6000 – INR 10000. it includes the domain, Hosting and designing charges. For getting this done in cheap contact “OK Ravi”.

Developer Phone Number to create Sarkari Result Website

You can call “OK Ravi” and team at +91 7500479470 if you need a job portal website.

What is the theme name of the Sarkari Result website?

The Sarkari result website is built in PHP. So, it is not using any theme. Yet, in WordPress, you can use the Astra theme to get the same look and feel.

How to write a job post on a website like the Sarkari result?

You can follow the tutorial provided by “OK Ravi” to write a job post with proper SEO.

Can we make more than 1000$ per month using Sarkari Result Website?

Yes, definitely there is a scope of making a good money using the job portals like Sarkari Result.

Should we use blogger for the Sarkari Result website?

No, WordPress is a better platform/CMS for job portals. You should not use blogspot or any other free service.

How to download Sarkari Result WordPress Theme?

You can download Sarkari Result WordPress theme from realgpl,com.

How to do SEO of a job Website?

You can follow the tutorial Job Postal SEO best Practices by “OK Ravi”

Thanks for reading the post. If you have any queries or concerns then do comment below. Make sure to have a look at these awesome articles.

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Now, I have a question for you, Are you working on a job Portal? If yes, do comment your experience below.

Have a good day!

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