How to Place ads on Website Properly | Better ads Placement | High CPC

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How to Place ads on Website Properly | Better ads Placement | High CPC

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Friends Today I am going to tell you, How to properly Place ads on Website? Remeber One thing Placing an ad on Website doesn’t means you will earn more.You have to work hard to gain traffic.But still Better ad placements results in Better income under normal conditions also.

To Earn More You have to take care of these simple things –

#1. Find out those ads which have high CPC and Put those ads at the right place where the chances of getting a click are higher.
#2. Always Use and try some experiment with the ads if You think Your ads are not performing well.
#3. Choose those niche which has higher CPC.For Ex-Technology, As tech ads are more valuable in terms of CPC.
#4. Try to increase your Traffic.Especially Traffic from Those Places where the CPC is bit higher. For Example – Canada, USA, and the UK have Highest CPC.The image below might help you to understand this properly.

Where to place ads?
First, consider your users

Organize your site’s content logically and make your site easy to navigate. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when considering where to position your ads:

  • What is the user trying to accomplish by visiting my site?
  • What do they do when viewing a particular page?
  • Where is their attention likely to be focused?
  • How can I integrate ads into this area without getting in the users’ way?
  • How can I keep the page looking clean, uncluttered and inviting?

Think like a user, and you may see your page (and your ad placement) in a whole new way. If users can easily find what they’re looking for, they’ll come back to your site. Also, choose an ad style that’s easy for your users to read.

Here is What to do more?

Place your ads near the content that your users are interested in, It will help you get a high number of clicks, But also make sure that users can easily find the content they are looking for. For example, if your site offers downloads, make sure the download links are above the fold and easy to find.

Choosing ad colors that complement your site is great,

Use a combination of Ads Like – Link ads, native ads, and Display Ads.But keep in mind that which place is suitable for which ad so that it will not clutter your user.Less can be more sometimes.

Video that Supports and tell Better ads Placement

You can watch this video to know Which ads have high CPC and How to place ads Properly on Website.This is me in the video who will tell You all the things in detail.

Yet, If you have any query then You can comment below.You can also comment to appreciate us.

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