How to properly place Adsense code in WordPress Website?

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How to properly place Adsense code in WordPress Website?

Hello friends, today I am going to tell you how to properly place your Adsense Ad Verification Code on your WordPress Website header in very simple steps. I will show you two methods to do this. Because If you do not place Adsense Ad code on the proper place into your website, Your Adsense Approve time will be more or might be disapproved.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is an advertising network run by Google that allows bloggers and website owners an opportunity to earn money by showing text, image, video, and another interactive advertisement on their websites. These ads are targeted to site content and audience.

Google AdSense is hassle-free because you don’t have to deal with advertisers or worry about collecting money. Google administers and maintains relationships with advertisers. They collect the payment, take their share, and send your shares to you. AdSense offers cost-per-click ads (CPC) which means that you earn money every time a user clicks on the ad on your website. The amount received per click varies based on multiple factors.

Placing  Google Adsense Ad Code 

Method 1 

1. Apply for Adsense, then you will be provided a code to insert into your Website.Just Copy that Google Adsense code.Step 2.This code will verify your site and it will take up to 3 days to approve your website.In some cases, it might take longer.

Placing Google Adsense Ad code into Your WordPress Website

2. Open WordPress Admin & Login, Then Go To Appearance->Editor and click on Editor.

Placing Google Adsense Ad code into Your WordPress Website

3. Find Header.php of Your WordPress Theme (see the picture below) and click on that to edit

4. In Header.php file Find <head> tag and after the <head> tag put your Google Adsense Ad Code.You can place your Adsense code anywhere between <head> and</head> or after the </head> and before <body>

Placing Google Adsense Ad code into Your WordPress Website

5. After Pasting the Adsense code, Go to your adsense and click on Code Pasted and then Ok.After doing all this wait for the review from Google.

Method 2

You can also place Google Adsense code using a plugin “Insert Headers and footers“.So download this plugin and install to your WordPress.After Installing the Plugin follow the steps.

1. Install the plugin “Insert Headers and footers”, Follow Plugins-> Add new -> Insert Headers and Footers ->Activate your Plugin.

Adesnse code to wordpree website okey ravi
Adesnse code to wordpree website okey ravi

2. Go to Settings->choose Insert headers and footers, Then you will be provided two boxes, one for inserting header and other for inserting footer. Put your adsense code to header Box and click on save.Refer image below.

Insert adsense code to Wordpree header

Now you are done, Just wait for the Google review.

AdSense Best Practices and Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years, we’ve answered several AdSense related questions. Having used AdSense on several of our sites such as, we’ve learned a whole lot about optimizing. Below are some AdSense best practices and frequently asked questions.

Q. What’s the best AdSense Ad Size?

Although ad placement is key, we’ve found that the best sizes are 336×280 and 300×260. These ads tend to fit on most screen sizes and have the best pay rate as well.

Q. What’s the Best AdSense Placement?

This entirely depends on your layout. The goal is to get more clicks, so you want to place your ads in a more prominent spot. We have found that ads within post content towards the top of the screen tend to get the most clicks.
Several users have asked us about adding AdSense in a floating widget because it will be very prominent. We strongly recommend against that because it is not allowed by Google Terms of Service. If you violate their TOS, then you can get banned from the program.

Q. Can I click on my Ads?

Often beginners are tempted to click on their own ads or ask their family members to click on their ads. Please don’t do that. Google’s algorithm is very smart and knows when you’re clicking on your own ad. This can get you banned from the program.

Q. What is Page RPM?

RPM stands for Revenue per Mille meaning revenue per 1000 impressions. This is determined by multiplying the total number of clicks and cost per click and then dividing that by the total number of page views.
We hope this article helped you add Google AdSense to your WordPress site. If you have any questions, then please feel free to ask us by leaving a comment below.

If you have any query related to this then just leave a comment below.

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